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In my 13 years of experience, I have produced daily news and feature writing for the Web, broadcast and print. As the former Senior Health Editor at iVillage, I have written extensively on health and wellness. I always know where my morning cup of coffee stands with the latest caffeine research, and voraciously devour calorie-restriction headlines faster than Joey Chestnut can put back 66 Nathan's Famous. My work has been published in Glamour, Women's Health, Time Out, and many other magazines and Web sites.

My writing is sharp, witty, and irreverent. My voice can be casual, spontaneous, and lively, but always informed and always accessible.

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I specialize in smart, edgy editorial from health and fitness to entertainment and pop culture. I will unabashedly geek out on topics like neurobiology and nutrition. I am inspired by the world I inhabit and passionate about my work. If you're looking for a fresh copywriter; a quirky and funny blogger; or a seasoned reporter, email me. You're curious. I'm willing. I love deadlines.


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American Photo

Last February, the New York Times reported that coffee and nuts had been replaced as Brazil’s hottest exports by a new crop—supermodels. Model-of-the-moment Gisele Bundchen was only the beginning. Everywhere in fashion land, the call went out for dark-skinned, succulent beauties. By April, New York magazine was reporting that dermatologists were concerned women would be getting dark tans like those of the trendy Brazilians.

None of this came as any surprise to Marilyn Gauthier of the Marilyn model agency in New York, who manages some of the most coveted faces this season. Read more...

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Chocolate, good for us? Ah, life is sweet indeed. With recent reports that dark chocolate is brimming with cancer-zapping antioxidants and heart-healthy fats, we guiltlessly present to you: the best in cocoa.

Packing Heat: Want to spice up your chocolate regimen? Put a fire in your belly with Vosges's cinnamon-and-chili-infused Red Fire bar. Specializing in haut-chocolat, Vosges goes where no chocolatier has gone before, combining hand-selected spices and flowers from around the world with premium chocolate. So, what's it gonna do for you? Well, what isn't it going to do for you, my dear? Cinnamon, the überspice, touts everything from lowering cholesterol, blood sugar and triglycerides to increasing concentration and circulation. All things in moderation, of course... Read more...

Read moreDresden Dolls

AOL Digital City

The Dolls: Slinky, sexy, churlish and ferocious, Amanda Palmer, one-half of Boston's punk Goth cabaret duo, could rip the heart from any man with little more than a flash of her delicious, dangerous smile. As Palmer whispers and wails against the eerie, vaudevillian tinkling of her piano, drummer Brian Viglione plays up Palmer's dramatic lines with jazz- and hardcore-inspired percussion.

The Songs: From cajoling to threatening, Palmer's playful eroticism makes light of her whimsically barbed lyrics. Covering the usual grim fare of love's labors lost, Palmer's songs are anything but crude expressions of anger. She has all the depth of PJ Harvey and the asylum-chic persona of Yeah Yeah Yeah's Karen O. Read more...